My Story

Oh, hello, hello, hello I’m Vasiliki, and I am really glad you’re here!

As a woman and as an exuberant entity that I am, I confess that it’s hard to introduce myself
in two words… however, I can confidently say that what moves me is the love for truth and fellow man.

My life path has given me countless difficulties and experiences, even intensely traumatic ones, which I have finally not only managed to overcome, but also transform them into gifts. Somewhere in my 20s, while I was studying law, I was faced by a depression that challenged me to the very core of my soul. The experience itself was the thread I had to follow for years, where I literally had to immerse myself into the essence of what makes us human, over and over again.

I studied psychology, philosophy and various modern and ancient methods of self-awareness, energy medicine and self-improvement. At one point, through all this work, I was guided out of the labyrinth and into the awareness of oneself and a welcoming return to Joy and the Flow of Life. —>

Through this journey of experience, I now have the ability to see directly into the essence of an issue that one faces as well as the strength to support someone to go beyond pain and through the transformation process of any obstacle or challenge one encounters.

In my palette have been added several tools and methods that I apply during individual or group sessions, but also offer as knowledge in teaching seminars… because I believe that the true healer and teacher of each person reside within him and that any form of healing or counselling support must be just a step, an impulse, that helps the individual to regain the strength and wisdom that already resides within him. That is to say, to find his own Truth, Meaning and Destination and not to be driven into co-dependence.

As a writer I have deposited many of my knowledge and consciousness connections in the form of written speech, but as an artist and as a consultant, I approach holistic healing through both painting and visuals or movement in space. In recent years, I have been working through Soul Art with both adults and school-age children.
My goal is always the expression of the essence and co-creation.


  • Reiki Master Teacher – Ushui Shiki Ryoho
  • Sat Nam Rasayan® The Art of Healing through the meditating state of Mind of the Tradition of Kundalini Yoga. Training with Sven Butz & Guru Dev Shingh Khalsa
  • Shamanic ~ Energy ~ Healling Methods Munai Ki by Alberto Villoldo & Dr. Harner
  • Trauma Healing – Jane Simington
  • Systemic Constellations – Hellinger
  • Spiritual Therapeutics – Ron Yang
  • BeLife & BeSpiritual – Master Del Pe
  • BeWell Science (The Art of Wellbeing and Energy Medicine) – Dr. Toni Francis

Personal Surveys

  • The Medicine of Asclepius (dream, healing sleeping)
  • Shamanic Quest~ Conscious Dreaming ~ Restoring Parts of the Soul- Soul Retrieval
  • The Healing Power of the 12 Archetypes ~ of Time~Space, of Archangels and of the 5 Elements (fire, earth, water, ether, air)
  • The Power of Intent, Prayer, Conscious Vision and The Meditative State of the Neutral Mind in healing Treatments
  • Methods of Conscious Co-Creation of Reality
  • The Therapeutic Methods of Inner Christianity
  • Dream Yoga

Other fields of knowledge

  • Socio-pedagogic- FHS Moenchengladbach
  • Psychology – FU Hagen
  • Philosophical Psychology – EEFP
  • Graphic Design – GTA Krefeld
  • Photography
  • Art Therapy in Zukunftswerkstatt
  • Law Science – Uni Köln
  • Translations
  • Hellenic Logos

What can I offer to you?

How can I help you regain your joy and strength?

I’m a holistic, energy therapist.

Whatever the cause of the challenge you face, its root lies in consciousness, that is, in the field of your mental and spiritual sphere, in your energy field. With the energy methods I use, we will identify the root of the issue, and with the appropriate impulse changes will be to activated that will restore you to your power.

I’m a Soul Art consultant

If you’re mostly a mental type and the mind has overlapped communication with your own soul… We can use colors and allow the soul to express itself… To see your truth there… Her subject, but also the solution she proposes to you… and that the mind usually prevents you from recovering and being in fullness and flow of joy! Individual or group sessions…

I am a teacher of methods of Sacred Energy “Medicine”

In individual or group seminars, I teach tools of energy Medicine, of different traditions, so that everyone can take on the Self and their Power and go to increasing levels of self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-fulfillment. To be, to achieve goals and to evolve with Joy!

I’m an energy artist.

I can create a crystal therapy art work made especially for you, through which you will have a work of art in your space, which will act as a harmonizer or amplifier for your energy body. Frequent systematic meditation with the board enhances the effect, as if you were doing a session with a specialized crystaltherapist. Ask me.

Let me help you get over your goals!

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