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Fotini Tyraski was born in Athens. From an early age she was involved in music, dance, painting, handcrafts, poetry and philosophy. She is a graduate of TEI Athens, the School of Graphic Arts and Art Studies, specializing in Cinema Graphic Design, Animation and Special Effects.

She has contributed to the support of the Code of the HELLENIC LOGOS of Mr. Theologos Simeoforos, in collaboration with Mrs. Barbara Stagiannou.

In recent years she has been involved in writing and poetry. Her book “Nature, Art and Subconscious Messages” was published in 2020 by “Naxios” Publications.



Harmonization with Hatha Yoga

Barbara was born in Athens and grew up in the USA. She studied business administration and French language. She worked in the banking sector in the USA and the business sector in Greece. Today she lives and works in charity in Scotland.

She discovered from a very young age, the parallel path of Hatha and Raja Yoga and the Pranayama breaths that brought her on the path of union with the Self.

She studied at the Glyfada Omakoeio School, Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She also applies Avalokitesvara Reiki Treatments. She is a Lover of nature and our Ancient Greek heritage.


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