What I offer

If you are looking for a person with empathy and vision who can respectfully touch your Being, your deepest wounds or challenges, in a way that will transform them into a source of Strength and Trust, so that you can find your vision again, set and achieve your goals and become who you really are, then you are indeed at the right place!

I Educate.

I teach and accompany the Metamorphosis and Transformation of Challenges. With intuition and vision I make it easy for you to free up your potential, become what you truly are and experience the relationships and success you deserve!

I Talk.

To date, I have inspired hundreds of people through live or online sessions, lessons and broadcasts to balance within them and find their Joy, Power and Truth, creating everything that they truly ARE!

I Write.

Writing with words, with colors, with images, with senses, with consciousness, with light… and finally with energy, it is a multi-layered creative and therapeutic Art, through which I convey news, energy, intention and holistic Healing.

My Story

Oh, hello, hello, hello I am Vasiliki, and I’m glad you’re here!

As a woman and as an exuberant creature that I am, I confess that it’s hard to introduce myself in two words. However, I can confidently state that what moves me, is love for truth and fellow man. I have a life path that has given me countless difficulties and experiences, even intensely traumatic, that I finally not only managed to overcome, but also to…

Healing Sessions

Featured Articles

Journeys in the language of the Soul and the Symbols

In a modern hyper-rationalized world, where in most university psychology schools even the basic definition of Soul itself is absent, it is necessary to look for the thread of psychotherapy and mental health back to the Greek past and the roots of every science: the philosophy, through which the science of psychology was born much later. Useful in this return is the surviving information about ancient Greek Asclepia, where in addition to their other practices they used the Theatre as part of the healing process of cleansing and redemption of the Soul. Even more so, understanding the role of our…

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Olympia MeTerra HelleNica

“I see” and “I look”. Do they have the same meaning?

«Look» and «See». Two verbs with similarities, but also with differences by Fotini Tyraski The wise Greek language has many words to characterize the meaning of “seeing”, for example, see, view, look, watch, observe, keep an eye on, look after, focus, perceive, be aware of, concentrate, inspect, examine and more. If we pay close attention to the verbs “look” and “see”, which are often used, there seems to be a difference which few people realize. The verb “look” is used when someone is referring to what his eyes see. That is, a person looks at somebody or something, by laying…

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Λευκή Κουκουβάγια

Seeking Healing ~ Energy Therapeutics

For thousands of years the treatment of the disease and the search for healing was based on the energy nature of man. Humanity looks like it went through 5 phases of medical consideration: •Initially he turned to the Spirit, God or the deities of each spiritual tradition to find healing. The spirits of the ancestors, Asclepius and later all kinds of deities or Saints who promised healing, was a center of focus of man’s faith for “supernatural intervention” for his healing….   The Flower of Life / My Work •Later he began to use herbs and plant roots, recognizing their healing…

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Θεραπευτικό άγγιγμα

Embracing the Inner Child

Those who deal with self-awareness, alternative therapies, psychotherapy or the Wilhelm Reich view of mental and physical health, sooner or later are confronted with the truth of the importance of childhood, in which planning and survival mechanisms are created… It is these mechanisms that control and define adulthood to a much greater extent than we think. They draw people and experiences to us, they define our relationships… They’re sabotaging our success… or support it…. depending on the pre-existing layer of “programming” of childhood, reproducing scenes similar to those of childhood…. The sculpture of the image is called “LOVE” and has…

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Το Εσωτερικό Παιδί

Let me help you overcome your fears!

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