Embracing the Inner Child

Το Εσωτερικό Παιδί

Those who deal with self-awareness, alternative therapies, psychotherapy or the Wilhelm Reich view of mental and physical health, sooner or later are confronted with the truth of the importance of childhood, in which planning and survival mechanisms are created…

It is these mechanisms that control and define adulthood to a much greater extent than we think. They draw people and experiences to us, they define our relationships… They’re sabotaging our success… or support it…. depending on the pre-existing layer of “programming” of childhood, reproducing scenes similar to those of childhood….

These mechanisms do not only affect our mental health. Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s years of research had proven that they also determine our physical health, as through alterations and “blockages” of the flow of vital energy within our body affect the supply of organs and ultimately our health…

This inner child we are called to embrace and support… We are called upon to gain its trust to allow us to channel its creative power towards our success as adults…

So how was your childhood? Was it beautiful? Was it hard? Was it quiet? Traumatic?

Did you have your mother’s love? Did you have the support and confirmation of your value from your father? No matter how old you are, inside you usually struggle to conquer the unconditional love and acceptance of mom and dad.

“Mom, do you love me?” “Dad, am I worth it?”

These are questions that the child within you is still struggling to answer… And it finally defines you without you understanding it. Inside, you carry invisibly the principle of father or mother and you are acting as being accountable, sabotaging, tyrannizing your adult self now, preventing joy… Love… the success you can and deserve to experience…

I love me, I accept me, I support me!

I’m transforming into who I really am!

The pleasing thing is you can! You can make the little child within you an ally, a source of inspiration and strength! As long as you allow the transformation! Everything around us is changing and transforming! Some changes hurt us… In others we resist… But going through the transformation process… You will find on the other side: Unconditional love! Full acceptance of all that you are! Abundance! Joy! Creativity! The adult Self embraces the Child inside! Embodies it having earned its trust. Takes responsibility and they embark on a new magical journey of success together!

What contribution can I be to you on such a course of transformation?


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