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Eros or Eris?


Substantial Relationships of Wholeness


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Substantial Relationships of Wholeness

What is your relationship with yourself?
Do you just connect or actually communicate with others?
Which relationships push you and which ones fix you?
Do you actually fall in love with all your Being?
Do you follow the psychical and emotional involvement of the essences or do you stay at the level of the flesh and the image?

In a series of three meetings, we will travel with the wings of Eros,
landing by the force of gravity on earth;
the relationship with oneself;
the involvement between people…
the love…
to fly back to Heaven and the world of Ideas.

In each of these three encounters, we will work with different methods in order to become aware of the patterns that govern our life relationships and the beliefs or traumatic experiences that hold us back, in order to solve what keeps our wings tied…


Dates: 11, 19 and 27 February 2021 at 7pm UTC

Limited participant number. Register Now!

Start: (Thursday, February 11, 2021 19:00)
Place: online (zoom)


Note: The purchase of the “product” ensures your participation in all three dates of this three-part experiential online seminar. You also gain access to the videotaped material, but also to the support and communication team of members of the seminar “Eros or Eris!” on facebook for the entire duration of the cycle.

* Purchases can be made after the 23rd of April. In this case you have direct access to the videotaped parts of the seminar that already preceded.

**All our seminars are conducted in Greek and are provided with live translation into English and German according to the needs of the participants. Ask us about the language you are interested in.


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