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Create and Co-create abudance

Create and Co-create

Do you work or do you love what you are doing?

Do you perform or do you create?

Are you authentic or do you adapt and compromise?

Do you compose in harmony with others or do you pursue control?

The Art of Offering and Receiving with Joy in Relationships, Business, Work and Life in general, will be the subject of the seminar, as a first step towards the realization of the Abundance that you deserve at every level. During this healing session we will identify beliefs and internal programs that prevent abundance in our lives. We will follow them to their roots and transform them, releasing the inherent forces of success.

Start: (Thuesday, May 11, 2021 18:00 UTC)

Place: online (zoom)

Note: All our seminars are provided in Greek, with English or German direct translation, depending on the participants. Each lesson remains accessable for the participant in videotaped format for one month.


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