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Become a Master of Yourself!
3-year Course of Sacred Energy Medicine and Self-Knowledge “IASIS”

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Become a Master of Yourself

3-year Course of Sacred Energy Medicine and Self-Knowledge “IASIS”

With weekly lessons, theoretical and practical application of the learned Material, we will move step by step from the appreciation and awareness of our now, to the conquest of the true Self and its optimal form.

In the process we develop the ability to work with the meditative Mind and subtle energies, restoring harmony to our subtle bodies. We develop the qualities of empathy, Love for Self and fellow human beings, while we become able to offer healing and relief to Self and to others…

Our emotional, mental and intellectual worlds are getting better and better and we are gradually gaining a balance in all areas. The balance in our invisible, energetic bodies is followed by balance and health in our material body as well. We become able to develop the higher, human sensory abilities and finally become conscious Masters of ourselves by conquering self-realization.


The teaching is based on modern energy medicine, but also the universal traditions of the shamans of the East and the West, where the Healing comes through the connection of the Wisdom of the Mind with the intuitive Wisdom of the Soul and necessarily includes Self-Knowledge. The basic part of the teaching are the bases of the ancient Greek tradition of the Asclepiades (the priest-medicine man and woman of the ancient healing Temples).

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Start: (Sunday, August 15, 2021 23:00)
Place: online (zoom)



  • Each live interactive lesson remains in videotaped form accessible for one month to all participants. Additional written material in pdf format provided remains at the disposal of the apprentice for individual use.
  • Provide access to an exchange and communication group between teachers and students.
  • The course is available with direct translation in English or German, depending on the needs of the participants. Ask us about the language you are interested in.
  • The 3-year program has calculated 40 courses per year and a total of 120 weekly courses.
  • Graduate participants are awarded a Certificate of Participation in Level I (first year) Level II (second year), Level III (third year)

Level I to III (three-year program), Level I from III (first year of the 3-year course), Level II to III (second year of the 3-year course), Level III to III (third year of the 3-year course), level I to III (monthly participation fee)


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