Journeys in the language of the Soul and the Symbols

Olympia MeTerra HelleNica

In a modern hyper-rationalized world, where in most university psychology schools even the basic definition of Soul itself is absent, it is necessary to look for the thread of psychotherapy and mental health back to the Greek past and the roots of every science: the philosophy, through which the science of psychology was born much […]

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“I see” and “I look”. Do they have the same meaning?

Λευκή Κουκουβάγια

«Look» and «See». Two verbs with similarities, but also with differences by Fotini Tyraski The wise Greek language has many words to characterize the meaning of “seeing”, for example, see, view, look, watch, observe, keep an eye on, look after, focus, perceive, be aware of, concentrate, inspect, examine and more. If we pay close attention

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Seeking Healing ~ Energy Therapeutics

Θεραπευτικό άγγιγμα

For thousands of years the treatment of the disease and the search for healing was based on the energy nature of man. Humanity looks like it went through 5 phases of medical consideration: •Initially he turned to the Spirit, God or the deities of each spiritual tradition to find healing. The spirits of the ancestors,

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Embracing the Inner Child

Το Εσωτερικό Παιδί

Those who deal with self-awareness, alternative therapies, psychotherapy or the Wilhelm Reich view of mental and physical health, sooner or later are confronted with the truth of the importance of childhood, in which planning and survival mechanisms are created… It is these mechanisms that control and define adulthood to a much greater extent than we

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