Journeys in the language of the Soul and the Symbols

Olympia MeTerra HelleNica

In a modern hyper-rationalized world, where in most university psychology schools even the basic definition of Soul itself is absent, it is necessary to look for the thread of psychotherapy and mental health back to the Greek past and the roots of every science: the philosophy, through which the science of psychology was born much later. Useful in this return is the surviving information about ancient Greek Asclepia, where in addition to their other practices they used the Theatre as part of the healing process of cleansing and redemption of the Soul. Even more so, understanding the role of our own mythology, which remains the ground on which the universal collective consciousness develops, is a key factor in the essential conquest of inner balance and healing.

Shamanic practices, as well as the religions of the people of the earth, philosophy, metaphysics, but also psychoanalysis, are based on the eternal worlds of soul and spirit, which in the form of archetypes remain alive over time in the dimensions of myth. The language of the Soul is precisely these images and symbols that we used to encounter in myths and the active dealing with these contents, can be a fruitful path of self-awareness, but also of mental healing. Especially in cases of mental trauma or various forms of depression, a direct approach to our inner world, through visions and spiritual journeys, is capable of offering a new way of understanding their situations and causes. It is capable of teaching us empirically, transforming us and ultimately guiding us towards redemption.

My book “Grandma SaMana”, consisting of two parts, describes this very lively process of interaction with the symbolic data of our psychic world, but also their deeper understanding through decoding. In the first part, which is mainly narrative, we become companions and witnesses to the adventures of a modern heroine, who with the guidance of the shaman grandmother travels to the dimensions of the Soul to get answers for her existential anxieties and be cured. We watch her boldly and decisively follow the path that opened her trauma, dive into time, enter adventures, face her inner darkness and finally find redemption.

In the second part, in addition to the theoretical approach of such processes of Shamanic nature and their historical connection with religions and alternative methods of healing, de-symbolisms of the archetypes that appear in the first part are offered so that the inner initiation that took place is gradually transformed into Knowledge.

Grandma SaMana

With our involvement in what is happening in the mythical world of the soul we go through a kind of catharsis, while at the same time we are revealed the great truth behind the individual dramas. As we learn to respect and use wisely the information that emerges, we find and activate our inner teacher and therapist. We understand the causes behind the individual tragedies and heal them at their root. At the same time we learn to apply the Art of De-symbolism ourselves, in order to map and understand our own inner world.

The aim of this project is to remind us that the real solution and the essential healing is always within us and that when we have made the decision to take full responsibility for our lives and health, regardless of any painful experiences that have marked us, we transform ourselves, regain our strength and gain empirical awareness that everyone and everything is connected to a single whole.

The method is ancient, but the “grandmother saMana” is an original approach to truth, as it harmoniously marries analytical, logical, mental understanding with global, symbolic, mental perception, thus offering a new perspective on self-awareness, self-healing and healing.

The reader, especially if it resonates with some of the heroine’s subjects, is very likely to experience a similar therapeutic cleansing and redemption. In any case, however, he will travel to this modern version of ancient tragedy and will have received the information that he himself is able to deal with his internal issues and conquer a new level of existence in a similar way.

This method will be taught and applied in the first cycle of 9 broadcasts starting on Sunday, March 7, 2021 under the name “Healing Myth Stories“. I will be happy to accompany and guide the daring time travelers, who are eager to follow the healing path, to transform beliefs and wounds, to conquer redemption and finally to transform themselves by experiencing the optimal form of themselves!

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