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Cleaning of Energy Center


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Our energy body includes 7 basic energy centers (chakras), which are responsible for the smooth functioning of the body, emotions and our mental health. During the session, I detect any heavy energies, blockages or crystallizations within these centers, as well as remnants of painful experiences. These are removed, transformed and the respective energy center is restored to its purity. This release leads to a better nourishment of the organs, as well as the cleansing of the emotional, mental or intellectual issues associated with this energy center. Which one of the 7 centers needs our attention is already revealed by the issues that concern us, brings us difficulties or are we called to solve in various areas of our life or health.

Place: Remote Healing *
Duration: 1 hour, (incl. 15 minutes of discussion).

The  sessions are set by appointment and are conducted via messenger, viber, telegram, skype or messenger.

  • For english speaking people, is better to include a translator for the best sense during the phase of the verbal communication. Barbara, from the Team of MeTerra, will assist you in this healing occasions. There is no extra charge for you.

Note: the sessions refer to holistic, energetic, supportive and spiritual healing or counseling in the context of self-knowledge, self-healing and self-improvement. The goal is through my contribution to:

  • activate the body’s inherent self-healing forces,
  • heal potential energy residues of painful experiences, especially of childhood
  • identify and erase misconceptions,
  • strengthen the decision to achieve your goals,
  • improve the quality of life and finally
  • experience the best version of yourself.

We do not promise “cure” in the scientific sense of the word, nor do we replace your doctor in any way.


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