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Nature, Art and Subconscious Messages


No more subconscious Messages – A Guide to the Primary Code of Visual Communication.

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“Lines do not exist only on paper or in a painting. They are everywhere around us … In nature (the shape of the planets and their orbits, the horizon, the environment, the trees, the beings, etc.) , in human creations (buildings, art, advertising, products, television, cinema, etc.) and of course in all kinds of art e.g. architecture, decoration, dance (the movements of a group of people, the movements and inclinations colors, like the lines that line the arms and legs).

Colors, like all lines, wherever they come from, always have the same meaning for our brain. The meanings of lines and colors will be remembered  and we will consciously recognize again. This will turns us into thinking and awakening spectators in front of works of art, advertising, television and cinema, product packaging, but also any form of art. After all, it is wonderful to know “what the poet wants to say…”

Start: Friday, April 2, 2021 at 20:00

Place: online (zoom)

Note: The courses are translated into English and Greek, with direct translation during the events, depending on the needs of the participants, in order for the message and the depth of the Greek language to reach our entire planet again and be accessible in English and German-speaking world, at first. Ask us about the language you are interested in.


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