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Grandma shaMana (ebook)


Grandma saMana – Therapeutic Novels

Journey in the language of Soul and Symbols

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In the first part of the book the reader travels on nine Shamanic, therapeutic, spiritual journeys. Nine soul stories that invite him on a journey into timespace. Grandma-shaMana, animals of strength and symbols of spirit and soul appear in the stories to guide and help the soul of the spiritual traveler throughout the trials. The reader, as a co-traveller in the spiritual fields, participates in this healing journey. Identifying with the heroine will experience the pain, fears and traumas that hold the energy and positive properties of the soul in the past, at the time of the trauma, to gradually lead to exaltation. Reborn and renewed. At the same time, you teach a way to travel time yourself, to understand his Is and to recall his power. The second part of the book helps the mind capture the meaning of the symbols that appear in the spiritual fields in order to anchor the healing experience in both areas of consciousness* (left and right hemisphere of the brain, emotional and spiritual mind). The deepest knowledge applied here is based on the core of all religions and spiritual rituals of the human race, living in the heart of our very existence. The modern science of psychology and study of the human brain is just beginning to understand the deeper meaning of these metaphysical, spiritual visions and journeys as tools of healing. This is the timeless power of Samanic sacred medicine.


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